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Organic cosmetic market – Building a climate of trust to keep consumers

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Born from consumer expectations, the organic cosmetic market is regularly subject to controversy, even suspicion, which tends to challenge its legitimacy. A lack of confidence coming from consumers would be detrimental for the market and would be contributing to “greenwashing”.
During the Organic and Natural Beauty Show which took place on the 2nd and 3rd of June 2013 at ExCeL London, Betty Santonnat, COSMEBIO® Development Director raised public awareness and gave the keys of maintaining the climate of trust to keep consumers. This is essential for growth.



From the initiative of ten pioneers to a worlwide evolution, the French market of organic cosmetic products has gained maturity. It evolves irreversibly because of several reasons : organic cosmetic products attract new consumers; major cosmetic firms have invested in this field. Group effect or opportunism, organic is going beyond its “native soil” and is gaining new distribution channels; the offer increase stimulates the growth; Certification and product labelling becomes a key entry.

Betty Santonnat, attests that organic brands represent a significant proportion: “In 2013, more and more, organic cosmetic products respond to a way of thinking, a mindset that spreads throughout society. According to the visibility study performed for COSMEBIO® 10th anniversary, 93% of organic cosmetic product consumers and 57% of consumers of non-organic cosmetic product appreciate the “BIO” seal and its values.

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