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Evolving consumer attitudes and understanding of the probiotic market in Europe


Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, United Kingdom


Probiotic products are becoming more popular across Europe, which is linked to digestive health issues becoming more common across the region. The industry needs to address key issues in for the popularity of such products to continue.

Probiotics are popular in Europe. This can be attributed to an increase in new product launches in the food and drink and supplement markets that carry the claim. It can also be attributed to consumers taking a proactive approach to wellbeing at a time when digestive health issues become more common. Whilst products are popular amongst consumers, it is crucial that brands do not rely on probiotic claims alone to drive sales. Indeed, consumers want products that they deem to be tasty and convenient, whilst affordability will also be key. Moreover, a lack of awareness around key issues in the market such as different probiotic strains and CFU count is something that could impact on the long-term popularity of the market. As well as offering maximum transparency, the industry needs to look for mays to position probiotic products around general wellbeing to maximize the potential audience for such offerings.

Consumers in Europe recognize the benefit of “good” bacteria in the body. This can be attributed to probiotic claims becoming more common in the food and drink industry and raised awareness around issues relating to digestive health. This is leading t ...

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