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DSM – Experience incomparable skin comfort with ALPAFLOR® SCUTELLARIA AO DSM’s sustainable organic bioactive reduces skin sensitivity associated with urban stress and environmental pollution

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DSM’s ALPAFLOR® SCUTELLARIA AO offers relief for sensitive skin and improves skin comfort by soothing and softening. This sustainable, organic bioactive targets multiple steps in the inflammation process. It is a strong antioxidant and stimulates key neuromediators in the epidermis that preserve the skin barrier, reducing burning sensations, irritation and pain. By addressing feelings of irritation in the skin it can also lift negative mood associated with skin sensitivity.

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Skin condition affects both physical and emotional wellbeing. While healthy-looking skin contributes to confidence and positivity, the appearance and unpleasant sensations associated with sensitive, irritated skin can lead to a negative mood and a loss of self-esteem.

Many factors are known to influence sensitive skin, but for the growing number of people living in urban areas, the negative impact of environmental and lifestyle stressors can be significant. Pollution, the demands of professional and family life, a lack of sleep, and a general race against the clock can all give rise to oxidative stress in skin. This then triggers a cascade of inflammation reactions, impairing the skin barrier function and leading to a du ... ...

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