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Food and beverage industry focuses on water footprint and greater sustainability



Industry Analyst for Environment (Water) Markets at Frost & Sullivan
Frost & Sullivan International, Domaniewska 41A, 02-672 Warsaw, Poland


With intensification of the global population trends and rising water scarcity, food and beverage industry is forced to reassess its water management and tap into modern treatment solutions. The global food and beverage water and wastewater treatment and services market is expected to remain a fast-growing, future-oriented market, remaining extremely positive towards innovations and technological upgrades related to sustainable water management. Advanced water treatment solutions for closed loop systems are rising in importance and translate into reduced operational costs of production and mitigate increasing water prices. Additionally rising pressure to deal with environmental legislation is expected to drive demand for all services related to water and wastewater treatment.


Global food and beverage industry is under high pressure of growing population and widening water scarcity. The number of people are projected to increase from 6.99 billion to over 9.00 billion between 2010 and 2050 what means there will be more than 2.00 billion additional people to feed (1). Moreover, more than one-third of the global population already lives in water-stressed areas and, by 2025, the number can rise up to two-thirds (1).
In order to guarantee safe food production to ever growing population and limit its environmental footprint, the food and beverage industry is forced to adapt proper water management that includes advanced treatment, water saving, and zero discharge solutions. There is an increasing trend of food and beverage manufacturers striving to make a positive impact on the environment and society therefore the global approach to turn sustainability challenges into business advantages creates further opportunities for water solution providers.

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