FPS – Innovative solutions for containment

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FPS is specialized in containment systems and fine size reduction equipment for many industrial applications.

FPS Food and Pharma Systems is a leading company in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical fields, developing, manufacturing and installing worldwide its own range of Fine Size Reduction machines and Containment Solutions (Sterile and Highly Potent API).
FPS guarantees quality and support in all activities: consulting, engineering, manufacturing, testing, validation, maintenance and assistance are executed according cGMP requirements within an ISO9001 certified quality system.

FPS containment systems are specifically designed to meet the safety standards required by the specific needs of the end user and the regulatory authorities. FPS isolators are engineered around the process to be protected/contained. A Quality by Design approach means that specific needs are identified and the equipment designed accordingly.
We can design our barrier containment units for many chemical and pharmace ...