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A Word With… Livius Cotarca – Synchro Morph Solutions SA

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Dr. Cotarca, Synchro Morph Solutions is a new entrepreneurial adventure within the crowded, but always promising industry of the companies focused on providing technical and specialized services to the pharmaceutical industry: why did you have the idea to found a new company?

The idea of a new company was born in the process chemistry and development environment.
The scientists at my former R&D group of Zach System faced an issue with an API where polymorphic control of the powder was problematic and found that conventional methods of polymorph detection were not sufficiently sensitive. We analyzed a batch of API and concluded it was a single polymorphic form, only to find that upon storage the material converted to an undesired physical form. Conversion to the undesired form was associated with the presence of very low-level contamination by a “thermodynamically more stable crystalline form” impossible to be detected at that level by conventional and direct analytical measurem ...

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