Happy bath natural 24 moisturising hand cream


Consultant in Cosmetic Formulation Chemistry, United Kingdom

Happy Bath Natural 24 Moisturising Hand Cream is said to protect and moisturise dry hands for 24 hours with its organic hydrating formula.

According to the manufacturer, the product contains “antioxidant plant extracts, as well as nourishing oils, to protect from external attacks by forming a non-greasy, protective film, while strengthening the tonicity and the elasticity of nails”.
The product claims to be dermatologically tested and to contain more than 96% of natural ingredients.

From a formulation point of view, this product is an oil-in-water emulsion that features a combination of vegetable oils and vegetable-derived esters to deliver skin benefits and good sensory properties.

The use of Aloe Vera Juice stands out, showing up in the second position on the Ingredient List.
We can then presume that a reasonably high amount of this ingredient has been used.
Aloe Vera Juice has long been used as a traditional remedy in folklore medicine and is an important ingredient in cosmetic products.

It has shown several benefits, more or less supported by scientific evidence, including moisturising a ...