Highlighting beauty: product claim and efficacy tests for skin protection in the digital era



Mérieux NutriSciences Italia, Resana (TV), Italy


For many years, the photobiology research and photo-protective strategies have been focused on the UV portion of the solar spectrum. This is for a good reason since the high energy of UV radiation induces acute and chronic skin damage already after a short time of exposure. Besides UVA, UVB, and InfraRed rays, it has been discovered that Visible Light (400-700 nm) is a one more potential inflammation factor from the damaging effects of which the skin needs to be protected.

End users are awarded concerning the harmful effects of sunlight on the skin (with a strong focus on UV and IR radiations) and are now active in asking more and more protective claims. As the urban living and lifestyle market gains traction, the effects of digital Blue Light (HEV - High-Energy Visible, 400-495 nm), a portion of the Visible Light, through the use of digital devices, is an evolving trend. Computer monitors, flat screen televisions, mobile phones with flat screens, energy efficient cool white daylight or full spectrum lights, reflective surfaces like snow, concrete, sand, water, and glass, or even sitting near ca ...