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Household poisoning
A review

*Corresponding author
Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research
Department of Internal Medicine, Chandigarh India


More than 9 million natural and syntheticchemicals are available, some easily and some evenmore easily worldwide. India accounts for one-third ofpesticide poisoning cases in the third world and the worstaffected are the farm workers. True incidence ofhousehold poisons is difficult as many of the cases arenot reported to the local Poison Centres. Commonhousehold poisons are rodenticides, carbamates, phenyl,detergents, corrosives, air fresheners, nail polish removersand many more. Poisoning with most of these are mostlyasymptomatic needing just observation but many ofthese can also have life threatening complications andeven lead to death. The present article evaluates thevarious possible toxic products available in oneshousehold, their toxicity and its management.


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