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Slowing down the aging process with natural ingredients

*Corresponding author
Qenax AG, Sumpfstrasse 26
Zug, 6301, Switzerland


The Ginkgo biloba tree is the world’s oldestliving tree. The use of Ginkgo for medicinal purposes canbe traced back to the oldest Chinese Materia Medica –about 2800 BC. The main use of Ginkgo biloba in thecosmetic industry is based on the anti-inflammatory effectand the radical scavenger properties specifically againstoxygen-free radicals. Efficacy tests with a standardizedGingko biloba extract are confirming anti-inflammatoryand anti-oxidant properties. Anti-inflammatory effects ofactive ingredients are often demonstrated by the use ofwell known inflammation mediators like TNF-a, Interleukinsor MMP’s which are part of the inflammation cascade. Theanti-inflammatory effect of the present study wasdemonstrated by an in vitro test, showing the inhibition ofNF-kB translocation, the nuclear translocation factor that isstarting the inflammation cascade. The standardizedGinkgo biloba extract effectively inhibited NF-kBtranslocation. Antioxidant properties were shown by a pretreatmentof human fibroblasts with the Ginkgo bilobaextract before oxidative stress, the main cause of aging, inform of a peroxide treatment was applied. The Ginkgobiloba pre-treated cells were able to resist against theperoxide treatment and were still showing cellproliferation, while non-pre-treated cells just died. Theeffective reduction of inflammation and the improvedresistance against oxidative stress help the cells to remainactive and healthy for a prolonged time.


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