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Natural emulsifiers – Their use in cosmetics


Nick Morante Cosmetic Consulting, Selden, New York, USA


Natural ingredients have become more popular than ever before, owing to the massive influx of “All-Natural” cosmetic products coming on the market.  It may seem like a simple task to formulate with natural ingredients, and still come up with the same luxurious prestigious products.  However, the key ingredients that formulators use are mostly synthetic, or man-made. So how does the formulator successfully create all-natural products using all-natural ingredients when they insist that they cannot find these ingredients, especially emulsifiers? In this presentation we will look at the natural ingredients that the formulator has in his/her arsenal and how they can be used to create the next greatest product.  These ingredients are closer than you think.

Now I teach cosmetic science all over the world. Especially at contract manufacturers and end-users, where there are only highly educated young people – no oldsters. So they have nowhere to turn to get that expertise that older seasoned formulators have learned over the years. They must learn everything on their own and usually at the last minute.  

At times I ask them what they are working on to see if I can offer some assistance.  They tell me they are working on a natural make up foundation, but they do not have any natural emulsifiers.  This is where my job becomes fun.

First, let me say that in the United States there is no true definition for the term “natural” as it pertains to cosmetics.  However, a bill was introduced in the United States House of Representatives in late 2019. The bill states that states that “Cosmetic products sold, labelled, or represented as ‘natural’ as defined by this bill must contain at least 70% natural substances, excludi ...

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