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What is a natural ingredient?
A survey among the members of The International Scientific Advisory Board of HPC Today

HPC Today


At a first glance, the concept of “naturalingredient“ and the related concepts of “organicingredient” and “green ingredient” seem to be quite clearand established. In our daily experience we are surroundedby offers of natural, organic or green products. Foods andbeverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, personal careproducts, household products and even cloths are moreand more associated with one or more of these claims.Advertising and most media are telling us on a quasi dailybasis that natural, organic and green products arehealthier, more sustainable and therefore positive for ourwellbeing and help to preserve the environment. But arethese concepts really so clear and well established? Is it truethat natural, organic or green is always healthier? Finally, is ittrue that these products are always more sustainable andhelp to preserve nature? What at a first gaze seems to beobvious to everyone becomes more and more undefined ifwe analyse these questions in more detail. What doesnatural, green or organic really mean from the scientific,technical, health improvement and sustainability points ofview? Moreover, do natural ingredients have a efficacycomparable to their synthetic counterparts?


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