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How the green trend is affecting formulations for the cleaning industry?


Kunal Mahajan
Kline Group, Global Market Analysis Database, Parsippany, USA


Cleaning products are essential tools for maintaining the health and hygiene standards in any setting, whether household, industrial, or institutional (HI&I). The market size for cleaning products accounts for more than USD 100 billion. Sales of ingredients used in such products have witnessed a strong performance in the past few years, particularly in the consumer segment, and are forecast to grow further for a variety of factors. Moreover, the cleaning industry is being influenced by trends in consumer preferences. To keep up with the continuously growing level of environmental awareness and the move towards green cleaning, savvy suppliers work on developing environmentally friendly formulations.


The market for HI&I ingredients in the five key regions (China, Europe, India, Southeast Asia, and the United States) covered in Kline’s Ingredients for HI&I Cleaning Applications database is valued at USD 21 billion in 2016. Europe and the United States are the two largest markets globally, each accounting for almost 32% of the market share. They are followed by China, which is the most developed market among other developing countries. India and Southeast Asia are the two smallest markets among these five regions.

The household segment dominates this industry with more than a 75% share in ingredients sales value. The industrial and institutional (I&I) segment is more price sensitive compared to household applications; as a result, expensive ingredients such as enzymes and fragrances are used less in its product formulations. For example, enzymes like proteases are used in dish care products for the household segment, but not for I&I. Furthermore, laundry cleaning in the I&I segment is done at a high temperature and uses a high level of alkali that limits the efficacy of enzymes, such as sodium carbonate. Th ...

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