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The new power of cleaning
The IKW study on the psychology of home care


Bernd Glassl
IKW, Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Today, cleaning is far more than the tiresome necessity to get rid of dirt in one’s home. This is shown by an in-depth psychological-representative study published by the German Cosmetic, Toiletry, Perfumery and Detergent Association (IKW): “The New Power of Cleaning”. This IKW study (performed by rheingold salon) on the psychology of home care explains what cleaning, wiping etc really mean to people.

Cleaning seems to be among the most straightforward matters on this planet. It needs to be done in every household, so that everyone has an attitude to it. Regarding the topic of “cleaning”, many advisors like to explain to us how to make home cleaning fast and easy – because cleaning is often considered a necessary evil.

This recent study on the topic of “cleaning” combines an in-depth psychological investigation with a representative statistical survey.

Already back in 1996 the IKW published a study on the topic of “cleaning”. That study identified, inter alia, four different cleaning types and their shares in society. 20 years later the new study examines whether the then results are still valid, what has changed when it comes to “cleaning” (if anything), and which cleaning types exist today in Germany.

Beside the analysis of the changes in cleaning that have occurred over the course of time, the new study focuses on the psychological motives and attitudes vis-à-vis home care in Germany. How strongly do societal changes determine our everyday life, and how do these changes impact our position on cleaning?

Quite a lot has chan ...

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