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European legislative threats and opportunities
More opportunities than threats


Alain D’haese
FEA – European Aerosol Federation, Brussels, Belgium


This is a short review of the main legislative requirements and development related to aerosol dispensers.


Aerosol dispensers were first invented in Norway 100 years ago. They are fantastic flexible packaging formats for cosmetic products. More than one aerosol product on two in Europe is a cosmetic product: antiperspirants and deodorants, shaving foams and gels, hair sprays and mousses, and many others.

What is really specific to an aerosol dispenser is the fact that the product is ‘under pressure’ because it contains a propellant. In 1989, the aerosol industry voluntarily phased out the ChloroFluoroCarbon (CFC) propellants, which damaged the ozone layer. Today the cosmetic industry uses primarily liquefied gases like hydrocarbons (butane, propane) and dimethyl ether, but also compressed gases like air, carbon dioxide or nitrogen, depending on the applications.

Aerosol products are made of aluminium or tinplate. The use of glass and plastic containers remain marginal. Post-consumer used up aerosols can be collected and recycled in the normal consumer packaging waste stream.



Two pieces of environmental legislation directly targets aerosol products: the VOC Paints Dire ...

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