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The packaging valley ecosystem bringing innovation to luxury cosmetics packages


Karina Puurunen 
Senior Consultant, Pöyry Management Consulting Oy, Finland


Packaging has to match the product. Natural cosmetics can communicate their message effectively by using well-designed and informative bio-based and biodegradable packages. The Finnish Packaging Valley, a network of packaging industry players, is a state-of-the-art example of how different actors in the field can work together to develop an ideal package for cosmetics products. The Valley has start-ups and research organisations developing packaging solutions from bio-based composite materials and functional packaging utilising side streams. Moreover, it has companies working on new ways of ensuring and communicating the total safety of products and/or packages including biological, chemical and digital safety as well as anti-counterfeiting features. Not forgetting the main means of selling any product, its design, Packaging Valley companies are e.g. piloting a multisensory consumer testing environment for commercial use. Luxury packaging for cosmetics with all the ingredients needed for beautifully sustainable and totally safe solutions is now the systematic goal of a whole ecosystem of companies and organisations working in a new way.


Packaging Valley, funded by Tekes and companies, is a pioneering, globally unique ecosystem consisting of packaging companies, research organisations as well as NGOs and is coordinated by Pöyry Management Consulting in tight co-operation with the Finnish Packaging Association. The objective of the project is to expand the packaging cooperation across material and technology boundaries, improve the cooperation and flow of knowledge between research organisations and packaging companies as well as create unique market-driven solutions to support the international growth of the packaging business. The project works to also enhance the image of the packaging business among consumers as well as in public debate. The ultimate goal is to build a virtual and possibly physical packaging ecosystem combining different areas of expertise and international connections.

In practice, Packaging Valley is a platform which supports the member companies’ packaging development and existing business by offering opportunities for networking, exchange of knowledge and subsidised development projects. A strong intention is to ...

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