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Hyperspectral imaging for process analytical technology

*Corresponding authorReutlingen University, Process Analysis and Technology, Reutlingen Research Institute, Alteburgstr. 150, D-72762, Reutlingen, Germany


Hyperspectral Imaging (HI) is a valuable tool for online-analysis andcontrol of production processes. HI is an emerging platform technologythat integrates spectroscopy and imaging to gain both spectral andspatial information from a sample. The combination with MultivariateData Analysis (MVA) permits extraction of the relevant information.This paper presents basic instrumentation setups for process analysis.The important spectroscopic subject of interaction of absorptionand scatter in opaque systems is described. Challenges facing theimplementation of HI for the demands of process environments arediscussed and the future perspective of HI in Process AnalyticalTechnology (PAT) is outlined.


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