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Development of ionic liquid biocides against microbial biofilms Designer microbicides for infection control

*Corresponding author
Queen’s University Belfast, School of Pharmacy, McClay Research Centre, 97 Lisburn Road, Belfast, BT9 7BL, Northern Ireland


Ionic liquids are a novel class of low temperature molten salts, composedof discrete anions and cations. The ability to tune the physical, chemicaland biological property sets of ionic liquids, by independent modificationof the properties of the constituent anions and cations, has been themajor driving force behind the huge interest in this rapidly expandingfield of chemistry. Tuneability of ionic liquids introduces an unparalleledflexibility in the design of reagents for a particular functional niche.A number of classes of ionic liquids to exhibit excellent antimicrobialand anti-biofilm activity, thus presenting the exciting possibility thationic liquids could have application as biocidal agents in the controlof microorganisms in the environment for contamination and infection control.