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Identification of products attributes important for food choice


* Corresponding author
Faculty of Technology, University of Banja Luka, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina


The aim of this paper was to identify product attributes important for young consumers’ in food choice, as data useful for producers in food product presentation and commercialisation on target market. Consumers’ attitudes and importance of food products quality and safety information were identified and analysed regarding observed population of 720 younger consumers, and crossing the groups formed based on age and sex. Consumers’ interest in new food products, some specific quality and safety indicators and packaging attributes were identified and their importance for food choice compared. Product attributes, important for attracting consumer attention were identified and ranked: food safety, nutritional and sensory quality, shelf life, price, trademark, packaging design, and origin.


The significant changes in life-style impact on consumers’ food choice. They are more and better informed, with higher demands and individual standards. Assortment of food products offered on the market and competitiveness affect the business success. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are contributors to growth and employment in the European Union, usually offering products for regionally limited market and facing with the challenge of being competitive (1). Consumer’s product acceptance is crucial for product success and survival in the market, but it is changing over time (2). Producers should recognise or uncover consumers’ expectations on target market and use them as ideas for food products improvement and development (1, 3). Multiple factors as consumer gender, age, level of education, food-related advertising, package design, food product nutritional quality and sensory properties or price affect on food product consumption (4-6).

Nutritive and sensory quality characteristics or food-related emotions impact on food acceptance, pleasure in consumption and selling (7). However, customer should perceive the product on shelf, ...

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