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In-Cosmetics 2011 Emotions on show in Milan

“Tu chiamale se vuoi: emozioni” (“You can call them emotions, if you like”) it’s the beginning of a very popular song in Italy.
You’re probably thinking that to start an article on a chemistry fair by quoting a song might be a bit bizarre. The quote actually comes to mind very easily and is a bit of homage to the many visitors who, after far too many years (the last time was in 2004), came to Milan, Italy to visit a fair that is today a primary event in the sector: In-Cosmetics. And this, for us who report on the fair, but also for all the Italian visitors, has indeed meant experiencing strong emotions.
A very successful event indeed this year, with important fi gures: 6850 visitors, 560 exhibitors over 10,897 m2, an increase compared to the beautiful Paris 2010 edition. Figures that are foreseen to keep on growing, given the positive trend of an industry sector that has overcome the diffi cult moments of the recent great crisis without any losses, but actually with increased sales. It is all about meeting a demand for products that are necessary to our lives, and even though through a heavy crisis, that are also required to meet a need for well-being, a need to pay more attention to oneself, to take more care for oneself. It is meeting a need for emotions - there you go again that Italian song coming up. And the sector has met the demands by taking proper action, through research, innovation, sustainability. Certainly not through slogans or advertising claims, but actually with true efforts, commitment, concrete investments, true responses.

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