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On occasion of In-Cosmetics 2011, Res Pharma S.r.l. has consolidated it’s reputation as a manufacturer of innovative natural orientated cosmetic ingredients, scientifi cally validated through chemical analysis and safety and effi cacy tests, launching two new active ingredients based on Rhus coriaria, a native plant of the Mediterranean which is rich in antioxidants (patent pending): PANTROFINA® WHITE, which has been short listed among the eight fi nalists of the Innovation Zone ‘Best Ingredient Award’, an active whitening complex that acts by modulating each of the phases of the melanin synthesis: restriction of the oxidative phase thanks to a strong antioxidant power; inhibition of the tyrosinase activity; inhibition of the transfer of melanin produced by melanocytes into epidermal keratinocytes; support to the metabolism of human epidermal cells, thus promoting the maintenance of healthy skin.
PANTROFINA® SLIM an active slimming complex with a multilevel activity: a preventive action on the differentiation of preadipocites to adipocites and a lipolitic action on localized accumulations The success of interest of the two new ingredients confi rms the value of Res Pharma’s strategy in terms of product innovation: a philosophy that takes the new needs of consumers into consideration: safety for consumers and for the environment, immediate and long lasting effi cacy, personal well being and the concept of natural, and that benefi ts from the scientifi c support of the Research and development team and of the Cell Biology laboratory.
Res Pharma also presented updated information about existing products, in particular clinical tests supporting the actives of the Pantrofina® line and the last developments of the Resconcept® e Resconcept® Sun concentrated emulsions, and the new Fairtrade products among the Resassol® and Resplanta® lines.