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Indena, 90 years of leadershipin delivering the science of nature


Consumers and the food industry are dedicating ever greater attention to the link between health andnutrition. Thanks to its 90 years experience in the botanical sector and its science based approach,Indena has been working with ingredients for supplements and functional foods for more than three decades, offering the health food market batch to batch reproducibly standardized or quantified ingredients, scientifically documented both for safetyand efficacy. The key to Indena's success in developingnatural actives for health food as well as for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries is its intense research activity. The company, headquartered in Milan, has more than 150 primary patents, has publishedmore than 700 scientific studies and 10% of its staff is fully dedicated to research activities. Indena alsoco-operates with the world's most prestigious universitiesand private research institutions. Most of Indena bestselling products for the health food sector have beenpresent in the market for years, they have been extensively studied and they have received a variety ofcertifications. Among the most relevant developments we can count Meriva®, Mirtoselect®, ...

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