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Fiberstar Inc. recently returned from hosting its two day research and development seminar at the Centre for New Food Technologies and Processes ( near Girona, Spain. The company refers that the purpose of the event was to share the most innovative and successful uses of Citri-Fi in a wide variety of food applications. Eleven speakers gave presentations throughout the two day event. Each speaker followed their presentation by demonstrating how Citri-Fi should be incorporated into their product from a pilot plant visible from the auditorium. The company reports that demonstrations included meat injection and tumbling, partial oil replacement in sauces, dressings and baked goods, partial egg replacement in cakes, meat product stabilization, partial oil and fat replacement in ice cream, and quality improvement in beverages, low fat sour cream and frozen products. Moreover, they added that product sample with Citri-Fi and a control sample without Citri-Fi was prepared for each demonstration. Guests were able to sample the foods and evaluate Citri-Fi’s effect on product quality for themselves. The company refers that they have special ordered Citri-Fi USB memory sticks and they have loaded sales support materials on to each stick and are offering to ship them to anyone in organization who wants more material to help understanding or promote Citri-Fi. The materials include all of the PowerPoint demonstrations from our seminar, the Citri-Fi User’s Guide, The Citri- Fi Showcase, and excel spread sheets that allow you to do cost analysis on a variety of applications.

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