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Indena enhances its custom services thanks to new advanced technology


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After opening, at beginning of 2018, a new kilolab dedicated to HPAPIs (natural, semisynthetic and total synthetic), designed to handle the production of toxic substances endowed with an Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL) of 20 ng/m3, Indena is making another important investment to further improve its technological assets.

In 2019 two new suites will be available at Indena, in order to keep on offering its customers top level CDMO services.

In order to be equipped with a plant able to include all the technologies available at Indena, but dedicated to productions requiring a smaller scale and high flexibility, the company is installing a pilot pharmaceutical plant at the Settala main production site.

The new pilot plant will allow Indena to produce APIs for clinical trials (up to phase 3) a ... ...

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