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Panel Discussion on Pharma and Chemical Supply Chain – Commentary article


Michael Quirmbach
Chief Business Officer, CordenPharma International


Dr. Michael Quirmbach summarizes responses from selected service provider and consultant interviews regarding recent Chemical & Pharmaceutical Supply Chain industry trends in preparation for DCAT 2019. Topics discussed include the development of personalized medicines and new therapies, the need for supplier innovation along the value chain spectrum from APIs to formulators and packaging, US market growth with US FDA NDA applications at an all-time high, breadth of portfolios, price competition from Asia and in Generics, debates on the fully integrated supply model and project prioritization in light of future changes.

As the industry is getting ready for this year’s DCAT, which remains one of the key high-level events for pharma companies to connect with service providers, Chemistry Today has interviewed selected service providers and consultants on their views regarding recent industry trends and topics related to the Chemical & Pharmaceutical Supply Chain. Most of our interviewed partners confirmed that face-to-face meetings remain essential to succeed in the pharmaceutical and chemical business, as they allow for the building of long-term relationships, providing each other with updates, and jointly identifying new opportunities.

In this context, the pharmaceutical industry continues to undergo substantial changes with a strong trend towards the development of personalized medicines and innovative therapies (e.g. CAR-T cell therapy, peptide vaccines) by launching new types of products to the market, which will consequently then require new production processes at the pharma companies and their supply partners. For example in the field of personalized peptide vaccines (with patient-specific neoantigens), service providers on the drug substance side such as Almac and Polypepti ...

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