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Innovation in food science – thinking out of the box 


Member of AgroFood industry Hi Tech Scientific Advisory Board
Analyze & Realize GmbH, Waldseeweg 6, Berlin, Germany

In former times, a lot of things were easier. How often have I heard this? When I was a child, my grandparents told me so. As an adult, after I entered my professional career, I heard the same thing from senior managers and experienced entrepreneurs.

In the past, innovation was seemingly driven by the inventiveness and creativity of outstanding scientists rather than by financial experts and well-trained managers who frequently talk about a certain innovation level to be reached, USPs to be defined, consumer acceptance to be analysed. I’ve heard a few anecdotal stories about the glorious past, when ambitious scientists prepared a herbal preparation made up of more than 10 different plants that are claimed to be effective against a range of physical disorders. A brief product dossier no longer than a few pages was compiled, followed by a short call to a trusted contact at the relevant authority and - done. The success story of a new product began.
Sure, I have my doubts whether another picture really has to be drawn. However I occasionally met entrepreneurs of these golden days, and I still remember their complaints about the fact that their multi-botanical pr ...

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