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Sweet Nothings
Barry Callebaut replaces thesugarin chocolate – but not thetaste


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There’s no use sugar-coating it: there are some alarming statistics currently being thrown about in the media. According to recent data from WHO, 1 in 10 people around the world today qualify as obese while 1 in 4 are overweight. More than 347 million people suffer from diabetes worldwide. And if you thought such afflictions were akin only to the indulgent West, 80% of the latter are said to be found in low to middle-income countries. And if you add to all that, the already well documented phenomenon of population ageing and the picture for public health in the rapidly-approaching future is bleak to say the least.

In the face of this rather daunting prognosis, many people are quick to point the finger at sugar. The WHO (World Health Organisation) commissioned a review on sugar and obesity published in 2013 which concluded that “any link to body weight i ...