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INNOVATION The search for new routes: the North Star of our time


Editor-in-chief, TKS Publisher

Building knowledge, improving quality of life and, last but not least, supporting scientific development: these are the three must-do factors that are thought to be key to driving innovation, as increasingly debated about by mass media, in economic and financial conferences and scientific symposia. At the same time, laws are devised to regulate the strong industrial and commercial impact that creating and applying innovation can have. This dual legislative-market approach to governing innovation generates data that directly involves the world of personal care and cosmetological science, supporting their growth through innovation and scientific creativity. The “search for the new” has revitalised the entire sector; has urged and stimulated it to review skin care intervention and related biochemical mechanisms in order to adapt it to today’s fast-paced market.

Ageing well means taking care of one’s health and looks, hence the huge popularity of dieting, cosmetics, beauty shows and articles that give all sorts of health and beauty tips.

In recent years, the “traditional” means for showcasing beauty treatments have been sided by new internet-based opin ...

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