Functional foods and dietary supplements in the age of COVID-19: or were they never a bad idea to support your health?


Global Health & Nutrition Sciences, DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences, Kantvik, Finland

It has been said by many before, we live in unprecedented times and as we are starting to adapt ourselves to this new reality with the COVID-19 pandemic, all other issues are pressed to the background, but they are not going away. Some topics may actually become more important in the current situation, especially the awareness around health and wellbeing. This provides opportunities for nutrition, in particular for functional foods and dietary supplements.

With the ongoing pandemic, obviously immune health receives much attention. Immune health consists of many aspects and is an integral part of general health.


Not surprisingly there are thus many foods and food ingredients that can potentially affect this; several of them have been discussed in past Agro Food Industry High-Tech issues and will undoubtedly also be discussed in the future.


The human microbiome continues to be in focus. Its influence appears to be relevant to an ever increasing number of bodily functions. One that has been known to be influenced by the microbiota for a long time is immune function. It is therefore not surprising that the microbiota might ...