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Intelligent targeting devices Target delivery of cosmetic actives to specific skin cells

*Corresponding author
1. Peptidepharma Nova S.L.
2. Infinitec Activos, S.L., Parc Científic de Barcelona. Baldiri i Reixac 15-21, Barcelona, 08028, Spain

Since the fi rst Liposomes were introduced in the cosmetic market products in the 80’s (1) Cosmetic Delivery Systems have been used
during the last decades to enhance the properties of Cosmetic Actives. (2, 3) Encapsulation Technologies are a family of Delivery
Systems that include a wide range of techniques, that allow isolating the substance of interest from the environment, surrounding
it with a shell, or into a matrix made up of the encapsulating material. Just by encapsulating a substance in the right way, we can
increase stability, reduce toxicity, increase the biodisponibility, mask taste or odour… or just change the physical appearance (4,
5). But the most elegant applications of encapsulation involve any kind of modifi cation of the delivery of the encapsulated active
material. There have been described, mostly developed for pharmacological applications, many examples of sustained, triggered
or target release of active substances.
Cosmetic actives must be delivered to the right place in order to produce the desired effect effi ciently. For instance, the same
dose of a whi ...

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