Kathy Ackley, Oligonucleotide CMC Consultant


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You were Senior Director of Operations and then the Vice President of Development overseeing the process development and analytical development teams at all Nitto Denko Avecia locations. What was the best moment? And what was the worst?
The best moments were always related to the people with whom I worked. Creating a work environment where employees can grow personally and professionally is one of the most important jobs a manager has. I loved seeing people grow their careers, especially the new chemists coming right out of school. I still get excited when I hear about their promotions or read papers that they publish. The worst moments were always related to times when customer expectations were not met. Chemistry is challenging, and scaling up chemistry for the first time is not always successful. I never liked having to tell a client when a technical problem occurred on a project. Many people don’t realize that the people that work at CMOs want the client’s dru ...