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Kievit Specialist in spray-dried emulsions


Food companies looking to differentiate their productsfrom competition by using functional and health beneficialingredients are increasingly turning to FrieslandCampinaKievit as a partner.Kievit’s focus is on creating the best possible applicationopportunities for these functional ingredients. Spray-dryingand encapsulating is becoming increasingly important inthis field and, by continually developing its expertise, Kievitcan justifiably lay claim to the title “specialist in ingredientsbased on spray-dried emulsions”. As Kievit positions itselfas technology enabler, there is flexibility with regard toingredients and partnerships. Its - world wide - productionfacilities allow Kievit to scale up fast, ensuring supply anda short time to market for even the largest multinationals.That makes Kievit a credible partner for both novelAdding valueKievit solutions focus on improved availability, increasedperformance, and/or protection of (bio-active) functionalingredients. The techniques Kievit uses to add value is basedon spray-drying and encapsulating and is applied in a varietyof products, that can be used to enrich savoury, bakery o ...

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