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Roquette recently referred its entrance in the capital of Amilina AB, the largest starch manufacturer in Baltic and Nordic countries. The company underlines that subject to approval by the European Competition Authorities, Roquette will take over an undisclosed value of investment shares in Amilina. Amilina AB will perform a capital increase, bringing Roquette’s interest to slightly below 50 percent. The company adds that the current chairman, Danas Tvarijonavicius, will keep his majority stake in Amilina. Roquette and Amilina agreed on have just formed a sales and technical partnership to more effectively serve their customers in the paper, food and chemical industries located in northern and Eastern Europe. It is the fi rst French industrial investment in Lithuania. The two companies complement one another perfectly, and Roquette will become the exclusive distributor for the new products that will be developed cooperatively on the site.

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