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 LECICO – The lecithin and phospholipid experts


Every day, over 800 million people use products that contain lecithin. So regardless of your area of business, The Lecithin Experts find tailor-made solutions for your company: from concept to trials to finished product. Take advantage of LECICO’s strong Know How in lecithin application, the expertise comes from more than 30 years of experience in developing, producing and marketing lecithin and special phospholipids.
Lecithin is a natural product with emulsifying and dispersing properties, which interacts with other substances such as proteins or starches to produce synergetic effects. This significantly improves the quality characteristics of a multitude of food and non-food products in many ways. Lecithin does not only provide technical advantages in the production of food products but is also a highly valuable part of daily nutrition. Lecithins so are a fascinating synergy of interesting technological functions combined with an attractive range of health benefits.

SerinAid is just such a substance. It is a safe, natural dietary supplement which has been proven to support and enhan ...

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