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delays cellular aging by decades


Global Marketing Manager Skin Care
DSM Nutritional Products Europe Ltd.
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“I want to retain my youthful appearance. I dream of being able to stop the aging process, but never seem to achieve it. Is it really just an impossible dream?”

In response to people’s beauty aspirations, DSM has developed REGU®-SCENCE, a China- and ECOCERT-approved natural standardized bioactive derived from specially cultivated Navarra Asparagus officinalis ‘Grolim’, which delays cellular aging by decades.

Autophagy – the skin’s own cellular housekeeping system as the secret of rejuvenation
As they work, for example to produce energy or functional molecules, cells naturally generate waste matter. Fortunately, cells have their own detoxifying and recycling systems. The key one is known as autophagy. However, as cells age, autophagic activity decreases and therefore the cells are no longer able to fully process their waste. Ultimately they stop dividing and enter the phase characterized by reduced metabolic functionality called senescence.