Making Cosmetics in 2019: Formulation3



*Corresponding author
1. Formula Protection Product Manager, ROELMI HPC
2. Regulatory and In Vivo Safety & Efficacy Manager, COMPLIFE ITALIA
3. Technical Advisor, Bentley Labs, Edison NJ, USA

When I was just a little girl, I remember I used to play in the yard the “game of the cosmetic seller”. Basically I was the handyman of my business: I wandered around the garden, looking for flowers, herbs, and leaves that I mixed obtaining strange concoctions, and then I set up my personal booth trying to sell my “cosmetics” to the neighbours, I leave you to imagine the outcomes…


More than twenty years later, today I work in the cosmetic field, how random is that! And you know what? I still look with great admiration the role of Cosmetics formulator, with its knowhow and expertise on single ingredients and their properties, and on how to transform and combine them into performing finished products, with all related trade secrets! How much can be learned from a simple chat with an experienced cosmetic formulator!

Yes, of course it is undeniable that in the Personal Care industry, from the idea to the release on the market of a finished product, the involved professions are so many, every single one indispensable. The cosmetic industry is getting more and more complex and, luckily, very different from that handyman concept so much loved du ...