Safe, Innovative, Appealing: the now and ever successful formulation



Product Manager Formula Protection – ROELMI HPC

“So this is Christmas/And what have you done/Another year over/And a new one just begun/…” it is Christmas time, at last! It is usually time for general summary: what have we done during this 2018? What are our plans and good purposes for next year? Looking back to the past twelve months, for sure I am satisfied with the project we started last March with H&PC journal: bring back readers’ attention to the importance of a safe and effective personal care preservation through a 4 articles program. We collected a lot of information and largely shared our knowledge with the readers. Now, if we were sat on our sofa, watching our favourite TV series, this would be the previously-on recap time…

In march, we opened this program asking ourselves what the future of cosmetic safety could be, in lights of the crisis period affecting the personal care preservation sector, as stated several time by experts (1) and confirmed by the analysis of the past ten years preservation trends (in Europe, US and APAC region) that we performed (2).In a field where safety of the products should be one of the key factors to put a formul ...