Personal Care Preservatives and Biocides: are we judging the book by its cover?



1. Product Manager Formula Protection – ROELMI HPC
2. Scientific Director Complife Group, Garbagnate

If it is true that our body is home for our soul, it is equally true that buildings we live and we work in become home for our lives. In my job, I deal with personal care products, and I do know how much consumers invest in their personal care (Cosmetic is a market sector under constant increase) (1). In my daily life, I also deal with household cleaning; as a consumer, what I have noticed is the increasing number of products and shops fully dedicated to house care and washing. Therefore, I assume that this sector is under a positive trend too; this is also confirmed by both Italian and European market data (2). Technically speaking, one of the crucial steps during the Personal Care formulation process is the preservation of the formula, fundamental to maintain the product integrity during its entire shelf life. On the other hand, I guess this is also the case of household products, which need the same level of protection from microbial contamination. In the personal care industry, ingredients approved to be used as prevention of microbial spoilage are Preservatives, whereas in the household industry the same function is entrusted to Biocides. Preserv ...