Formula protection and development: how to surf the microbiota-ingredients wave




Have you ever wondered if introducing probiotic-derived ingredients could interfere with the sensoriality of your formula? And what if it unbalances the preservative system? ROELMI HPC is here to share our formulation tips for well-studied cosmetic ingredients combinations that will take care of your Skin Microbiota.

What is formulators’ favourite sport? To surf the -insert here market trend of the moment- wave! It is exactly like real physical activity: challenging, hard, but satisfying! They often feel inspired and stimulated by the direction the market is going. With their creativity, scientific background and ingredients experience, they are able to create new amazing products. It is nevertheless a concrete challenge for them, an unexplored land where they need to find the perfect balance between old and new, what the formulation needs and what the market wants, avoiding solubility and stability issues. They also cannot forget about the safety for the end user. So … not exactly like surfing! The concept is still to find the perfect balance, but while when surfing you are responsible for yourself only… the choices of a formulator will effect many other people!


I’m sure we all know what the main trend in the cosmetics field in this first half of 21st century is … yes! You got it! Skin microbiota! It is essential to take care of our skin inhabitants, and we can do that by using the right cosmetic ingredients, as we mentioned in our last intervention on the M ...