Personal care ingredients market in a Post-COVID-19 world


Project Manager, Kline, Hyderabad, India


The COVID-19 pandemic impacted the personal care industry and personal care ingredients demand. The impact of Covid on personal care ingredients was not necessarily negative. While color cosmetics and sun protection products, were adversely impacted, demand for hand sanitizers skyrocketed. Supply chains were also affected by COVID-19.

As COVID-19 subsides, offices are opening, and tourism has increased. This will drive back demand for personal care products. However, the permanence of habits such as frequent hand washing and wearing of masks, along with supply chain reorganization and more, is expected to continue to impact personal care ingredients demand in the future. This article will provide insights on the course the personal care ingredients industry is going to take in the post-COVID-19 world.

The adverse impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was witnessed across all industries of the economy, as well as on people’s lives globally. Among the many affected industries was personal care, further leading to a negative impact on personal care ingredients demand. To thoroughly understand COVID-19 impact on the personal care ingredients industry and the evolution of the market in a post-COVID-19 scenario, it is important to present an overview of this industry.


  • The personal care ingredients market can be divided into two types: mature and growth markets. Mature markets include Europe, the United States, and Japan, among others. Growth markets can be further subdivided into two categories.
  • China is a growth market wherein consumers are shifting toward mid- to high-end personal care products, thus adopting premium ingredients.
  • India and Southeast Asia have relatively smaller shares in the personal care ingredients market currently but have huge growth potential.


Europe and the United States lead the personal care ingredients market, together accounting for more tha ...