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Making drug-analysis laboratories fit-for-purpose
The UNODC scientific and forensic work programme

*Corresponding author
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Laboratory and Scientific Section, Division of Policy Analysis and Public Affairs,
Vienna International Centre, Wagramer Strasse 5, Vienna, Austria


The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime forensic work programme seeks to ensure that the international community has access to quality forensic science services and data in support of their efforts to counter drugs, crime and terrorism. Good quality and reliable data from forensic/drug analysis laboratories translate into the design of effective policies and decisions in drug control and crime prevention. This article outlines the tools and services provided by the UNODC to drug analysis laboratories worldwide to make them fit for purpose. These include quality assurance support; analytical reference standards; manuals and guidelines on recommended analytical methods and forensic best practices; drug and precursor field testing kits, and fostering of international cooperation in the forensic sciences sector.


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