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Medical devices in functional cosmetology


Editor in Chief (Tks Publisher)


Well known in medicine (where medical devices include all sorts of products, e.g. syringes, cannulas and numerous diagnostic tools), devices are now rapidly spreading into the world of cosmetics as well. Broadly used by dermatologists and aesthetic physicians, devices are used in beauty salons and spas and, more recently, are also being further developed to be customised and simplified for home use.

The practical significance and potential applications can be better understood if we step back and think of one of the oldest and most popular devices in use: the toothbrush, whose function is not only to apply and brush toothpaste, but also to protect teeth and gums, keeping them in good health. Available in every household, toothbrushes continue to offer innovation in the bristles they carry and in the way you hold the toothbrush, with new products offering different degrees of softness and thickness of the bristles, different sizes, ergonomic design, models that are capable of removing plaque even from the most difficult-to-reach areas. With the advent of electric and oral-irrigator toothbrushes, the market now offers a truly comprehensive range of products.

Today, there are many types of cosmetic devices: mechanical, electronic, optical. They can treat every part of the human body (from the scalp to the skin of the face, specific areas of the body, the arms and feet) with non-invasive, techniques that work on the surface, though actually stimulating effects deep down in skin (as a good massage would do).

Their function is to enhance (booster effect) cosmetic ...

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