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Midyear analysis: partnering transactions show no signs of slowing down in 2018


Peter Winter
Editor of BioWorld Insight





Karen Pihl-Carey
Analyst for Clarivate Analytics, BioWorld and BioWorld MedTech

At the midpoint of the year, the global biopharma industry had recorded 554 partnering deals – a total that suggests that companies are still maintaining a high priority on business development through collaborations to help them execute on their business plans. The volume of partnering deals recorded in the second quarter by BioWorld, the daily biopharma news service from Clarivate Analytics, at 281, was about the same as those completed in the first quarter. However, year to date, the total number of transactions were about 10 percent down from the total recorded at the same time last year. (See Volume of biopharma deals, featuring data from Clarivate’s Cortellis database.) Despite the drop, the transactional value of the deals signed in 2018 was 50 percent higher at almost $49 billion, compared with approximately $33 billion last year, indicating the competitive nature as companies vie for valuable assets making them much more expensive to access. (See Value of biopharma deals.) 


Oncology assets still remain a high priority among biopharma companies, w ...

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