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Modern Preservation: Do we still need Parabens, Formaldehyde & MIT?

*Corresponding Author
Dr. Straetmans GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

The choice and application of effective preservation technology is an essential part of R&D work during the development of cosmetics. It is not only a disaster for the image of a brand if the finished products are found to be contaminated in the market. Much more, it is a potential threat for the consumer and legislation therefore demands a safe preservation and thorough microbiological testing of finished products. However, the image of preservation, or more precisely of certain preservatives, by the consumer is normally negative. There is little controversy among experts that efficient preservation is essential for the safety of cosmetics. But, naturally, as there are many choices of preservatives, there are different opinions about what can be considered as the best of so many choices.
Different factors may have to be considered for choosing the right preservative. First of all it is the demand of safe and efficient elimination of microorganisms. This seems obvious, but not every preservation system works in every formulation. There are essential mistakes made in formulating by using preservatives that may work in one formulation, but are inhibited by certain ingre ...

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