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Providing effective therapeutic body care


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The skin on the body has different needs than the skin on the face. These needs can be successfully addressed with therapeutic body care, through the use of topical products that promote hydration, stimulate cell renewal, protect from sun damage, and prevent or reduce inflammation. This article describes the best active ingredients that help preserve healthy skin, as well as treatments for conditions that commonly affect the body, such as acne, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. It also discusses the particular skin needs of men and aged adults, and highlights key success factors for the consistent delivery of effective, client-focused therapeutic body care.


Accounting for approximately 15 percent of our total body weight, the skin is our largest organ. It has several important functions, including thermoregulation; protection against damage from external biological, chemical and physical aggressors; and prevention of excess water loss (1). These functions are mainly performed in tissues that cover areas other than the face, as these represent the largest portion of our total skin. Effective care of these tissues is therefore essential to maintain proper skin functioning. Yet, skin concerns on the body typically receive less attention than those on the face. Clinicians play a vital role in this scenario. Becoming familiar with and increasing patient awareness of common problems on the body and how these are treated can greatly improve the overall approach to skin care and its outcomes.

The skin consists of two main layers, epidermis and dermis, which rest on a subcutaneous tissue made of small fat cells. The epidermis is the thinner, upper layer of the skin, and is similar in structure to a brick wall. Here, keratinocytes (the predomin ...

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