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Multi-lamellar and high permeability liposomes
Merits supporting their use in cosmetics

*Corresponding author
1. Kyowa Hakko Europe GmbH, Am Wehrhahn 50, Düsseldorf, D-40211, Germany
2. Daiichi Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., 530 Chokeiji, Takaoka, Toyama, 933-8511, Japan


Liposomes are used as carriers in drug delivery system because of their ability to stabilize active ingredients and improve their penetration, retention and sustained release. Therefore, liposomes are used in cosmetics from which high functionalities are demanded. There are several types of technology for producing liposomes, so the quality varies. The liposomes that we manufacture have a multi-lamellar structure and uniform particle size. These features give liposomes some merits, e.g. high encapsulation efficiency of active ingredients, high skin permeability of liposomes/active ingredients, high stability of liposomes/active ingredients and sustainable release of active ingredients.

In recent years, consumers have come to recognize the results of research into the structure and physiological function of the skin, and thus, have higher demands for cosmetics with high functionality. Liposomes are used as carriers for drug delivery system (DDS) since they can stabilize encapsulated active ingredients and improve their penetration, retention and sustained release (1). In addition, liposomes are very safe and have a high affinity for the skin because they are composed of phospholipids, which are a major component of biological membranes. For this reason, liposome technologies are also used for cosmetics in which high functionalities are demanded.
On the other hand, phospholipids are mainly extracted from natural products, e.g. eggs and soybeans, using organic solvents or surfactants, which reduce the quality of phospholipids. Also, some technologies require organic solvents or surfactants, so there is a possibility of impurities in the final liposomal suspension. The quality difference of the phospholipids and the impurities make the liposomes less stable and lead to a loss of encapsulation ability.
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