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Delivery systems in cosmetics


*Corresponding author
Anti-ageing Actives R&D Group, Contipro Biotech s.r.o.
Dolní Dobrouc 401, 561 02, Dolní Dobrouc, Czech Republic


Delivery systems are chemical agents that carry the active compounds to the site of their action. They are used in cosmetics mainly for their ability to improve the stability of sensitive actives, their better incorporation into formulations, reduction of irritation potential, excellent penetration and sustained release properties. The most commonly used delivery systems include liposomes, niosomes, microemulsions and nanoemulsions, micro and nanoparticles, polymeric micelles and cyclodextrin complexes. Their properties and effects are different and each system is suitable for different types of compounds. Delivery systems are widely used for the incorporation of anti-aging compounds, such as whitening agents, plant extracts, antioxidants and vitamins, as well as for UV filters and fragrances.


Delivery systems are chemical agents carrying active compounds to the site of their action. They usually contain anti-aging compounds (vitamins, whitening agents, antioxidants), UV filters or fragrances. They may also be applied in hair care cosmetics as carriers of nourishing agents, dyes, conditioners, humectants, deodorants, and as antistatic agents. They are frequently used in cosmetics because of their properties, including:

  • stability improvement of the active compound (protection from sunlight or exposure to air and the compound’s improved resistance to elevated temperatures)
  • a change in the active compound’s penetration properties (the controlled, sustained or delayed release of the active compound at a specific time and site and to the required depth)
  • protection from the interactions with various substances in the formulation (prevention of contact between incompatible substances in the formulation)
  • a change in the form of the active compound (a solution of limited solubility, incorporation or application of a substance)
  • the improved tolerability of the skin to the subst ...
  • ...

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