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Negative effect of industrial produced trans fatty acid (elaidic acid) on pregnancy outcome and early postpartum life

*Corresponding author
University of Georgia, Department of Foods and Nutrition, Athens, USA


This paper examines the effect of maternal intake of industrially produced trans fatty acid (elaidic acid) on thehealth of the fetus, pregnancy outcome, and risk of adiposity in early postpartum period. The evidence suggests thatmothers who consume higher trans fatty acids during pregnancy may have an increased risk for negative pregnancy outcomes, such as small-for-gestational age, low birth weight and preterm delivery. In addition, breastfed infants of motherswith high trans fatty acid intake may have greater adiposity in the early postpartum period and have increased concentration of inflammatory markers, such as C-Reactive Protein, in their plasma, which may contribute to increased riskof obesity and cardiovascular disease later in life. A reduction in industrially produced trans fatty acid (elaidic acid)consumption by pregnant and nursing mothers may lead to improved pregnancy and infant health outcomes.


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