New materials and methods for Heterogeneous Catalysis


Heterogeneous catalysis is an important field in chemistry that is applied widely in academia and in industry. One of the main advantage of the heterogeneous catalysts is referred to the facile separation and recycling of such catalysts, which makes them economic and very attractive for a variety of applications.
However, the heterogeneous catalysts are considerably less reactive and selective compared to homogeneous catalysts. In the last decade, there were different attempts and various approaches for developing new heterogeneous catalytic materials with improved reactivity and selectivity. Here we highlight selected papers showing some advances in the preparation of new heterogeneous catalysts.
So far, the focus of this section of the journal will be to summrize and comment on ten scientific papers particularly interesting for the potential application of the achieved results in the industrial world.


Charlie Batarseh started his studies in the Hebrew university of Jerusalem in 2007. Since then, he completed his bachelor degree in chemistry, master degr ... ...