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Chimica Oggi - Chemistry Today

New processing concepts and cluster technologies: catalysts for a faster and more efficient transition to using biobased carbon materials in a circular bioeconomy

Multicatalysis – Pushing the boundaries beyond multi-disciplinarities

Efficient chemo-enzymatic route for enantiopure S-Pregabalin by desymmetrization of 3-isobutyl glutarimide using an evolved D-hydantoinase

Beyond Macrocycles: Bond Disconnections Enabled by Olefin Metathesis

Developing a challenging process: What happens when your catalyst is not commercially available?

The role and the recovery of Platinum-Group metal catalysts in the pharmaceutical industry

“Endangered” Palladium Palladacycles at the ppm level to the rescue

3D printed catalytically active devices in organic synthesis

Palladium catalysed cyclizations for N-Heterocycle synthesis: Recent developments

Technical advances towards the industrial application of transaminases for the synthesis of chiral amines


New materials and methods for Heterogeneous Catalysis

Chemocatalysis or biocatalysis? Continuous or batch?
Questions affecting the manufacture
and use of catalysts today

Specific kinase inhibition using peptides to target kinase-substrate docking

Universal enzyme immobilisation within hierarchically-assembled magnetic scaffolds

Challenges and opportunities in catalysis

Some new concepts on the complexity of catalytic systems

On comprehensive understanding of catalyst shaping by extrusion

Preparation of dimethyl-substituted cumene hydroperoxides

Alkylationof phenol with β-pinene over heterogeneous acid catalysis

From cooperative phenomenato synergetic hyperstructures in catalysis

Optimal design of catalytic distillation for alkylation of isobutane with 2-butene on a solid catalyst

Ligands for Pd catalysed cross-coupling reactions
Acomparison of commercially accessible ligands

Continuous biocatalytic processing and synthesis:variations on a theme of “flow chemistry”

Strategies to developleaching-free heterogeneous catalysts

Homogeneous vs immobilized palladium catalysts for continuous flow cross-coupling chemistry

New Smart Continuous Catalytic Reactors and their Process Networks finally need Best Catalysts

Anti-oxidant/pro-oxidant activity of ascorbic acid
Effect in the degradation of Acid Orange 7with H2O2catalyzed by transition metal ions

A sustainable P450 oxygenation technology for the selective synthesis of oxygenated intermediates and APIs

Evolving BVMOs for increasing the yield and purity of enzyme catalyzed oxidation reactions

Heterocat, homocat and biocat
What does better flow?

A brief history of the science of catalysis II: from polytopes to hyperstructures

Versatility and broad applications of TangPhos and DuanPhos catalysts

Recent advances in the understanding of the direct conversion of soot and NO on Fe2O3 catalyst in diesel exhaust

A brief history of the science of catalysis – I:
from the early concepts to single-site heterogeneous catalysts

Digging into the mechanism of oxidative Pd(II)-catalyzed aminations

P-chirogenic organophosphorus acid-bases in asymmetric organocatalysis

Phase behaviour of the ternary solvent system alcohol, iso-octane, water: a theoretical COSMO-RS study for liquid-liquid extraction purposes and catalyst re-using applications

Synthesis of homochiral mono- and bis-phosphine ligands for homogeneous catalysis

The influence of cobalt in bimetallic Ni-Co catalyst supported on H-Beta for phenol hydrodeoxygenation

Flow nanocatalysis: innovative methodologies towards green chemical syntheses

Hydrophobicityon the kinetics of acid-catalyzed aquation of pyridyl-imines iron(II)
complexes in aqueous and binary aqueous methanolmixtures

Complexity structures of active sites in catalysis

Synthetic applications of aryl diazonium salts enabled by visible light photoredox catalysis

Catalytically active sites and their complexity: a micro-review

Synthesis and investigation of activity of nano-spinels MeCo2O4 (Me: Mn, Ni, Cu) for total oxidation of toluene

Asymmetric Pt- and Au-cycloisomerization reactions of 1,n-enynesNovel activities and new opportunities

In situ-generated chiral quaternary ammonium (hypo)iodite catalysis for enantioselective oxidative cyclisations

Total oxidation of toluene – over Pd/mesoporous materials catalysts

Wettability of anatase ceramic glazes

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